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Why record your story?

We help capture the soundtrack of those you love. Their quirky anecdotes, loud laugh or advice for the future. So whether you're recording your own story to share with family later, or giving the experience to someone you love, we'll capture the bits that matter.

We connect people through honest audio that stands the test of time.

The story that unites us

Having met at drama school, Sophie and Lili soon discovered they had both recorded the voices of their grandads before they passed away. And for their families, these recordings have become more and more precious over time.


When Sophie's dad lost his voice during tongue cancer treatment, the power of hearing someone's story in their words was cemented.


We'll capture everything you care about most, creating an audio keepsake that stands the test of time.


Lili Miller 

Having graduated from Cambridge, Lili trained at the drama school LAMDA, where Sophie and she met. She went on to put her storytelling skills to use, creating and managing the content at a digital health start up. Here she discovered her love for audio, curating hundreds of hours of audio therapy. Originally from Plymouth, she's learning how to exchange seaside life for the London art scene.  

Sophie McQuillan

Sophie began her career in TV development, digital production at the BBC and podcasting. She trained at the Centre of Investigative Journalism and worked on podcasts with the likes of Katie Piper, Helena Bonham Carter, and Dr Rangan Chatterjee.

She is a producer and comedian from a sprawling Irish family.

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